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16th Aug 2016

Na.Muthukumar- Astrology Analysis

The great national award winning lyricist has his 5th lord combined with 8th lord. The great parashura says this combination of people will be short lived. And more over it is in graha yudha with sun and saturn. From his chart the 2nd lord jupiter is afflicted in 3rd house in grahayudha with 3rd lord. this must driven out the drinking addiction. As the jupiter transited his 8th house, it had brought in great demise.

Secondly, his 7th lord is in association with 8th lord and along with 12th lord, soon after the birth of his second child there has been a problem in his health which slowly graduated when the Jupiter transited over the 8th house. From rahu many planets are in the 6-8 houses. In the 6th house is mars - jupiter that is why he had jaundice and passed why

20th Oct 2015

Astrology analysis of Amaravati, capital of AP

The new capital at AP was inagurated on 11:45am on 22/10/2015. The 1st lord is in 9th house with many planets. And many planets are in trikona and Kendra. So, there will be uplift in the government and its governance and whatever planned by AP government will get implemented well

The economy will do well. The 9th and 11th lord are in exchange will give much of success to the government. Many industries in the AP district will surge up. The government conditions will improve. The education department will do very well.

The food industry might have some problems. Automobile industry will have a shake up.

Iron and Steel will not do well

The film industry will do well

Textile Industry do well

Water problem will prevail in AP for sometime.

25th Jun 2015

Anbu Mani Ramdass next CM or Not ?

Anbumani Ramdass, son of veteran politician dr. Ayya ramdass has announced himself as the candidate for the next cm elections to be held on 2016.He has been taking active steps for it and we can see his urge to survive this elections. The main question is whether he would be a real strong candidate to win these elections. Now have a closer look of his horoscope.

Let us look into his natal chart and the positioning of the planets. Basically he is kanya lagna with his Saturn positioned in his 7th house with rahu. His sun is positioned in the lagna with ketu. His 10th lord from the karaga lord Saturn is Jupiter which is placed in simha that is the 6th house. Firstly, his Saturn with rahu will affect his success in career. His sun with ketu in the first house, will bring problems for him in his reputations.

Now, let us look into the present planetary combinations, his Saturn as of now is transiting over his 3rd house. And the Jupiter will be transiting over his 12th house and over his 3rd and 8th lord. Thus both Saturn and Jupiter's positions are not very favorable. Thus the present planetary combinations are not very favorable for him to succeed.

Looking into the period running, he will be undergoing rahu dasa with sun and moon bhukthi from the period of 2015 to 2017. His moon is placed in the 8th house, which is shown afflicted. And his sun is in the lagna with ketu shows karaga bhava nasthi. Thus the period he is running is also not very favorable for him to win against in the cm elections.

This clearly interprets that he has less chances of winning the coming elections. He will do well and good if he is in power in central government. Luck will favor him in the central government elections. He will be successful as a minister rather than a chief minister

15th Dec 2014

Amma's Bail Out

After the major win of the national elections in 2014 by amma jayalalitha, she had a major fall in the 100 crore fraud case. This is due to the position of Saturn in the 6th house of her horoscope. As her Saturn will be transiting the 7th house this December 16th her hold over the case will be strong. She will also likely get the bail out from this case. The coming two years will be very anchoring for her. The public might also get a strong pull towards her

Jan 2014

2014 National Election Predictions

Nitish Kumar will be thrashed by BJP in the 2014 National elections

Jayalalitha will neither become the Prime Minister nor will win the 40 seats in the forthcoming elections.

There will be twist and turn in the last minute. Poor performance will be by Vijaykanth and DMK.

----- India 2014 National Election - An Analysis -----

This time there are four parties on the front. I did a tarot card reading to predict who will do well in the election. As per the reading, the first two cards was taken for b j p , it was king of pentacles and the hermit. The second two cards was for the Indian national congress which was ten of pentacles and knight of cups. The next two cards are for the third front which was the nine of pentacles and six of pentacles. The last two cards where taken for the left front that are three of pentacles and eight of pentacles.

This means b j p and the third front are likely to do well in this election. The card of bjp which is hermit means they should listen to their own heart and do things. They should keep some guru with them or do something to the gurus of India. If the third front do dhana they have a chance to win. As far as who will become the leader I took the first card for Narendra Modi, it was queen of pentacles and strength which means he will have more chances to win. For Rahul Gandhi it was six of swords and four of swords which means he will have difficulties and struggles.

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