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Packed with dilemna in taking major decisions in your life ? Want to know your destiny ? Your future is determined by these underlying 78 cards. Select your tarot card to know the forthcoming events.

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Want to know if your name will bring you fame and luck ? Thinking to change your desitny ? Want to taste the sweetness of success? Unravel the greatest mysteries in your life to establish harmony and peace.

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Want to know what lies ahead in your future ? Facing Financial losses in your business? Want to know when to sell, buy the shares ? Ask the astrologer to take the future decisions.

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Shravanthi - Renowned Tarot card reader, Numerologer, and Astrologer

She has learnt the divine sciences like numerology, vedic astrology, and tarot card reading from her teacher who is a renowned astrologer Shri. K B. Gopalakrishnan. Her clients range from Canada, Quatar, Kenya, America and what not! She is specialised in mundane astrology predictions. Having done tarot card readings for esteemed clients such as Infosys, Wipro, etc for their annual events...

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